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OCELOT Systemy Informatyczne has been in business since 1994.
We are experienced in developing custom software packages.

We have developed over 200 software packages not just in Poland, but globally. Our customers are industrial companies and service suppliers. The OCELOT software packages work in different departments as: Production, Logistics, Sales, Finance & Controlling,
Quality Management, HR & Training, Safety...

We also write custom software which can interface with industrial equipment: on-line digital weights, liquid level sensors, bar code readers, drivers, panel saw, alarm systems, ...

The decision of choosing a suitable software tool is often made based on customers' needs. We usually apply MsAccess (97, XP, 2003, 2007), C++ Builder, Assembler, J++ and Internet application tools: .NET or PHP. Our databases works on a SQL server (MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL, ...), using the client-server technology in full.

Our software functions with the interfaces of TRANSWIDE and ANICA companies.

We invite you to use our services!

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