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GoScript! allows you to run scripts on MsSQL objects by either selecting a few or all. With just one window and easy to use steps. GoScript! will make your script without the need for a database manager. GoScript! copies the script to the Clipboard or the required file output.

The GoScript! application does not have to be installed on a computer - it can be run from a pendrive. Also it does not require Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. The entire application is just one file GoScript!.exe.

GoScript! enables export of objects from data base MsSQL - procedures, functions, views, tables and triggers. This application is used to synchronize changes between test mode and production mode.

Just a few klicks is needed to export selected objects to safety box or file. You also could select option to encode objects in the data base.Application GoScript! allows very easy transfer of objects or complete data base between SQL servers.

Needed objects can be selected using name filters or by marking these on the list.

GoScript! has a filter to select desired objects using desired scheme. In addition user may script properties of the data base, roles, schematics, users or triggers or even description.

Ergonomic interface makes it very popular among programmers of data base and applications.

Technical specification: Requirements: minimum CPU speed 200MHz disk capacity 1MB plus all required components, memory 64RAM
Systems: Windows: 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008
License: pendrive or HDD
(on pendrive installation you can use the application on any computer)
Data Base: Microsoft SQL Server: 2000, 2005, 2008
Related products: CrossTab for MsSQL, DataAudit! for MsSQL

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