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TransFlow is a tried and true software for companies of different profiles to manage shipping process and reduce transport costs by following each step of the process in the real time:

deliveries requests => shipping plan => shipping request (costs forecast) => confirmation => transport service execution (entrance of truck, loading, shipping) => costs settlement => reports and analysis

TransFlow lets reduce operation time and logistics costs by:

the control of transport costs:

  • predicted transportation costs is calculated according to contracted fees
  • calculation of the delays and stoppage costs
  • comparison of calculated costs with invoices from transport companies

the security of shipping products:

  • driver and truck data of each transport are registered in the database
  • the comparison of driver and truck data with the data received from the transport company
  • the "black list" of drivers -always available for the Security.

TransFlow can work together with the TransOrder module to confirm the requests with the transport companies. It can also work with similar systems, like: Transwide, Transporeon.


  • TransFlow has been working successfully since 2007

Technical requirements:

  • server: MsSQL 2005 (Express, Standard, Enterprise) or later
  • workstations: system MsWindows XP or later

The software is available in Polish and English. The languages base can be extended up to 10 languages. 

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