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This is a solutions preferred by companies which are not interested in changing their business process to fit the ready-to-use
software available on the market.
Customers who order custom software package can be sure that it fulfills their requirements in the field of data input way
(for example import from SAP), data processing, reporting and presentation (or exporting to another system).
A customer will have an unique software in terms of graphics, too.
Such a software is adapted to changing requirements and becomes modernized in line with software tool.

We offer a full range of software development processes and maintenance to our customers:

  • a through analysis of our customer's needs and existing hardware structure
  • a choice of a software tools
  • preparing the specification - a functional and graphic design
  • making of an application software conform to the specification
  • tests
  • development
  • training
  • service and maintenance
  • adaptation to changing needs
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